Psychotherapy helps people make sense of their life and often they come because they want to change in some way and can’t manage it alone.

I deal with a wide range of people. As a therapist for Mind I have worked with those from different social and ethnic backgrounds and across a wide spectrum of mental health issues. I welcome this in my private practice – as well as clients of all ages – and also am happy to see who may not have had therapy before or are unsure about the whole idea.

My main approach is psychodynamic. So we talk about where your problems might originate and how this impacts on your life and relationships now. We do this at a pace you feel comfortable with. I’m not rigid about my approach, though, and can include other elements, such as CBT, if it's helpful for you. The aim is together to make the changes you want to make.

I won’t judge or tell you what to do. Rather I aim to help you work out why you might be feeling as you do and move towards more helpful ways of living or thinking.